MAY 18-20 & NOV 9-11, 2018
FRI. 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, SAT. 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, SUN. 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

The show is open to Vendors that specialize in antiques, sporting and related fineries.

1. I agree to indemnify, defend, protect, and hold harmless the show promoters, sponsors, proprietors of venue, and all its associates for any personal injury, loss, or damages to him/herself or any property loss or damages of any nature suffered by any person, vendors, and attendees while within the exhibitor’s space or caused by the exhibitor.
2. I agree to hold harmless the show promoters, sponsors, proprietors of the venue, and its associates for any merchandise lost, damaged or stolen.
3. I agree that should an accident occur within the vendor’s space caused by the vendor’s displays, products, or unsafe conditions. the vendor will be held liable.
4. I agree to save and hold harmless the show promoters, sponsors, proprietors, and all its associates from liability resulting in such accidents
5. Vendor agrees to pay a table or booth fee, with a 3-day commitment. (2 days with approval, no discount). Payments must be made by APRIL 15TH No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations within 30 days of the event date. There is a 5% discount for timely payments,
6. Booth and tables are reserved on first-come-first-served-basis. We will make our best effort to fulfill your requests.
7. Please keep your table and booth clean during the event. Remove trash as necessary into the provided receptacles, and store your boxed, bins and tubs out of sight.
8. The Show is a family event. Pornographic materials or items with obscene language or graphics, racial, ethnic, sexist or hate material including T-Shirts, magazines, videos, bumper stickers or other items which could be considered offensive to families or which are objectionable to show promoters are not permitted. Items glorifying Nazi, Fascist, Communist or World War II Japanese political philosophies are prohibited, except as part of a display or an evolutionary group of items for sale and subject to show promoter’s approval.
9. Sale, service or consumption of alcohol is prohibited at the show
10. Sorry, but pets are not allowed at the show.
11. Vendors are required to collect and pay appropriate sales taxes to the City of Fresno, the County of Fresno and the State of California.

I hereby agree to abide by the terms listed above: PLEASE SIGN: __________________________________

Rental Table and Space options: Tables $75.00 ____ Booths 12 X 12 $200.00 ____ 12 X 18 $300.00 ____ 12 X 24 $375.00. FOR CUSTOM BOOTHS SIZES, PLEASE CALL FOR QUOTE. MAIL CHECKS PAYABLE TO SIERRA WEST SHOWS, 352 POLLASKY AVE SUITE 101, CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA 93612.


Vendor Name: ______________________ Name Badges are required to be worn at all times during the
Mailing Address: ______________________ Show, including merchandise pack-in and pack-out.
City, State, Zip: ______________________ Vendor Name Badge: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________________ Second name Badge: ________________________________
E-Mail: _______________________ All additional or lost badges are $5.00. PLEASE INCLUDE
Seller’s Permit No: ____________________ WITH PAYMENT – NO EXCEPTIONS.
(If you do not have a Seller’s permit you may obtain a
temporary Seller’s Permit at California State Board of The following info is required for all firearm dealers:
Equalization 1-800-400-7115.) CA Firearm Dealer # __________ COE# __________
CADL # __________
If you are a private party gun seller, then you must use a transfer agent for the sale of firearms at the Show.

(Please read and sign reverse side)

1. Switchblade knives are not allowed. Tasers, stun guns, stun batons and such will have no power source and never be demonstrated at the show.
2. Bows and crossbows will be treated as firearms, with arrows stored in a closed box or packet.
3. No loaded firearms, magazines or clips will be permitted at the show. All firearms without exception must be inspected and tied in order to be sold, displayed or carried in this show and all clips and magazines must be removed and empty. All firearms, applies to BB guns, pellet guns, antique, modern, collector type, flintlock etc. No one, except law enforcement personnel may carry or conceal a loaded firearm in the show. For CCW permit holders you will unload your firearm and tie it inoperable if you insist on carrying.
4. You are responsible for your firearms and the safety of yourself and those around you, never allow others to handle your firearms unattended and always make sure the firearm is pointed in the safest direction. The general public entering the show with a firearm are instructed to clear security for inspection, unload the fireman, have their firearm tied and tagged.
5. All cartridge firearms, except those attached to a display and a part thereof, will be unloaded and tied with a plastic tie to be rendered inoperable.
6. No loose ammunition except for unserviceable collector type. No tracer ammo or pyrotechnics will be permitted at the show. No gunpowder for sale or display will be permitted.
7. No explosive ordnance, destructive devices, or parts designed to convert a semiautomatic firearm to full automatic fire will be permitted.
8. No books, posters, clothing, sound or film media which describes the fabrication of any device which, if possessed, would constitute a felony under the laws of the United States, the State of California or the City of Fresno.
9. The owner of each firearm is personally responsible for his or her actions or the action of any member of the public or any other vendor or person with respect to the firearms in the possession of the vendor. It is the vendor’s responsibility to protect the show and its participants from unsafe or illegal acts of anyone handling the firearms of the exhibitor. Accordingly, the vendor agrees that show promoters, its agents, employees, sponsors, representatives, security personnel are not responsible for any loss or damage from any cause suffered by any person or to property in his/her possession. Further, the vendor expressly releases show promoters and the aforementioned from any and all claims for such loss, damage or injury.
10. Unforeseen events: The show cannot guarantee exhibitors protection from loss or insure against loss for any reason. If the show premises to be used are affected by circumstances beyond our control so the premises cannot be used as scheduled, this Agreement shall terminate. Vendor hereby waives any claim for incidental or consequential damage or compensation resulting from the inability to use the premises and agrees that Dennis Kirk and Claudette Sue Boudreaux (dba Sierra West Shows) may retain the portion of payments made by vendor necessary to cover expenses incurred by show promoters, incidental to the opening and management of the show through the time of termination.
11. All show transactions shall be in accordance with applicable federal, state, and local laws.
12. All exhibitors must adhere to all the Terms, Rules, Regulations and Responsibilities for Vendors. Violation could result in removal of vendor or inappropriate merchandise from the show.

SIGNATURE __________________________________________ DATE __________________

If you have any questions, please call Kirk Sue or Jacquie at cell 559-994-0926 or cell 559-970-3616, or email:

We are looking forward to seeing you all again at the Show!

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Clovis, CA 93612
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